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Festival Jazz Musette des Puces

Thursday 26 June 2014, by Natalia

This past weekend Paris was on its high horse, that’s to say that Paris had so many events going on this past week-end that one wouldn’t even know what to attend first. With everything ranging from festivals, expositions, vernissages, competitions, to world cup parties there is no way that one could have missed out. With having perfect weather and clear skies, this past weekend was perfect for the "Festival Jazz Musette des Puces."

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This was a three day event, of pure jazz and music. I went to enjoy a little bit of jazz out in the open air. A big crowd gathered around the town square to listen to the live performances. Centered in a very cultural arrondissement full of colors and markets, I was able to shop modern before I got to the event and then I shopped antique post-event since the festival was located in between the two different markets in Paris. Located in Saint-Ouen, one should go to check out the atmosphere as well as for some cheap shopping, or for even some fancy expensive antique shopping. The markets are completely different but complimentary. The jazz festival, which was free, was a huge success and had a big turn out of people that came out and supported the music.

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