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Competition "DANSE ELARGIE"

Tuesday 10 June 2014, by Natalia

Saturday the 14th was the first day to the kickoff of the DANSE ELARGIE competition here in Paris. In its 3rd edition, the "Theatre de la Ville" is hosting this event where spectators are allowed to come in and enjoy, free of charge. Not so bad, huh? When walking in to the theatre I was very surprised and impressed of the immensity of its size! Theatre de la Ville is what we Americans like to call fancy schmancy.

I walked in as the first performance was ending, and club music was playing, bringing me back to my nostalgic days in high school, where we would perform on stage for competitions. The event consisted of 20 dance performances, with the rules being that each performance group had to have had at least three people and a maximum performance of 10 minutes. Each group representing a different or various countries. Being a dance competition, one would expect to have seen all dance performances, but just like any type of competition, you always have the odd balls where the performance is so out of the blue you find yourself asking what it is that you are actually seeing?

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My favorite performances were from Spain, the United States, and France. I found it absolutely interesting and was more than amused. People should take advantage of the opportunity to come see this competition, maybe next year since the finale was yesterday the 15th of June, or even just take advantage of the Theatre de la Ville where they host spectacular cultural events for its city.

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