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World Music Day

Tuesday 17 June 2014, by Natalia impression

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A full-fledged 36 long hours of free non-stop live music, who could say no to that? To start off “World Music Day,” or more commonly known as “La Fete de la Musique” here in France, which is celebrated worldwide on the 21st of June, Saint-Eustache church has opened its doors for “ Les 36 heures de Saint-Eustache.” As a music lover, I constantly revolve myself around music to a point that my life depends on it. Walking down the street, in the metro, writing, at home cooking, even about to get someone into my bed, I always have music playing in the background. Maybe because I am cliché and feel like I am in search for the soundtrack to my life, because just like everybody knows, a song can bring you back to a certain point in your life and bring back feelings and memories that maybe you had once forgotten. You remember your heartbreaks with the one you thought was the love of your life, you remember your saddest moments, your heart-rushing moments, even the happiest; that is what music does to you, it brings you back those occasions and hits you square in the face with these sentiments that feel so fresh but yet so old. It is crucial to understand the importance that music has to people in this world.

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The whole reason why I am talking about music bringing you back to certain memories in your life is because the first band I saw “We are Match” brought me back to pure ecstasy and moments where I thought I was in love. I laugh at myself looking back, oh how I was wrong! Having a sound like “Alt-J,” “We are Match” really reminded me of Canadian Michael Milosh’s “Rhye.” Humming and voice loops repeatedly in each song, makes each song as beautiful as the next. I closed my eyes and fell in love all over again. This band consisting of 5 guys, who are all Paris natives, put on a great performance and took advantage of the church reflecting their humming voices.

Here is a link to piece by WE ARE MATCH:


Also, a piece by RHYE:


This 36 hour festival is one of hundreds of festivals going on for “La fete de la Musique.” This is something going on all over Paris the 21st of June. People should really take advantage of free live music all around this beautiful city, and these aren’t just any bands, these are good quality bands. Go out and show your support for the music that has helped turn the world!

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